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Workshop "Microfluidics for soft matter and biophysics"

par Celine, Thomas Frisch - 13 novembre 2019

Workshop :

"Microfluidics for soft matter and biophysics"

Date : 9/12/2019 (12h) - 10/12/2019 (14h)

Where : Institut de Physique de Nice, site Valrose (Avenue Vallot, Nice), salle Claude Brot.

Summary : Microfluidics became a major field of fundamental research (the study and control of flows at the microscale). It is also a very powerful tool to tackle fundamental issues in chemistry, physics or biology and to give technological answers in many industrial and medical applications. Their list is huge, it concerns single cell biology, evolution, aging, cell mechanics, neurosciences, organs on chip, Lab-on-a-chip, optogenetics, PCR, biochemistry, blood samples analysis, medical tests, chemical reaction dynamics, analytical chemistry…

This workshop aims to bring together researchers from different communities : physicists, mathematicians, biologists and chemists around microfluidics for soft matter and biophysics. The topics will be the dynamics of drops and bubbles in microchannels, the study of biological objects (bacteria, cells ...) in controlled environments, the nanofluidic domain, the problems related to the treatment and the quality of the water…

Organisation : Céline Cohen, Xavier Noblin, Rudy Valette.

Registration : Free but mandatory, please REGISTER HERE The deadline for lunches is monday 2/12 noon, but feel free to register up to friday 6, we will adapt !

Posters. For those interested, you are invited to present a poster, please enter the title during your registration.

Program :

Monday 09/12/2019.

11h30 -12h : Welcome at INPHYNI valrose (Avenue Vallot, Nice).

12h-13h30 : Lunch.

13h30 - 14h20 Jérôme Bibette (CBI, ESPCI, Paris). Fluidic for Biology Medicine and Material science, from research to applications.

14h20 - 15h10 Olivier Théodoly (LAI, Marseille). Integrins in lymphocytes migration and guidance

15h10 -15h50 PAUSE + POSTERS

15h50 - 16h20 Xavier Noblin. TBA

16h20 -16h50 Pavel Kuzhir (INPHYNI, Nice). Enhancing magneto-microfluidic separation of nanoparticles.

16h50 -17h20 Benjamin Mauroy (LJAD, Nice)

17h20 -19h POSTERS session

Tuesday 10/12/2019.

9h - 9h50 : Jean-Christophe Baret (CRPP, Bordeaux). Out-of-equilibrium microcompartments for the bottom-up integration of metabolic functions in populations of artificial microsystems.

9h50-10h40 : Léa-Laetitia Pontani (LJP, Paris). Emulsions as biomimetic systems of cellular tissues.

10h40 - 11h PAUSE

11h-11h30 Floriant Doungmene, (Société Klearia, Sophia-Antipolis). All glass based microfluidic chips : from fabrication to applications.

11h30-12h Philippe Thomen (INPHYNI, Nice). Individual and collective swimming of zoospores in microfluidic devices.

12h - 12h30 Sylvain Antoniotti (ICN, Nice). Better control of chemical reactions outcome by switching from static to continuous flow reactors using millifluidic technology.

12h30 -13h Laurent Counillon (LP2M, Nice). Microfluidic technique for fast measurement of intracellular pH dynamics.

13h - 14h30 LUNCH